The little cat, stricken with injuries from torture, begs out for assistance in the middle of the trash heap.

We saw a message about a sad cat on an animal lovers club. There was a photo of a cat next to it, looking really miserable and almost dead.

After a protracted trek, we managed to return the cat, who was barely alive, to a rescue squad. He’d been tormented by someone.

He had dried blood and cuts all over his body and mouth. He had sustained especially serious injuries to his rear limb, exposing muscles and bones.

The wounds seemed darker due to the accumulation of dirt and filth on them. He had suffered severe beatings and burns. The burn injuries were decomposing and releasing an unpleasant smell.

The skin and fur around the incisions had to be gently removed. After cleaning, the cat received medication to battle infection

.Look, in his fight to protect himself, all his claws have been snapped or ripped out.We were really devastated by what he had gone through.The cat wailed out in anguish, tears running down his cheeks.

The poor cat, having no one to turn to and nowhere to hide, was left to face the world by itself when its owner abandoned and deserted it.

In icy, murky waters, a homeless kitten clings to hope and waits for rescue.