The Old Man Fighting Cancer Chihuahua Recalls Father But Won’t Give Him Up

Introducing Mervin, a little but mighty Chihuahua who can’t get enough of his dad and yogurt. Despite the ups and downs in his path,

this eccentric dog has won over hearts all around the globe with his unshakable love and unquestionable devotion for his human, Joey.

Mervin’s tale started when he was taken in as a stray in bad health at an animal shelter. The spirited small puppy with a persistently hanging tongue drew the attention of Joey,

the shelter employee. Joey chose to take Mervin home as a foster despite his grumpy attitude since she could see he was unique. Mervin joined the family permanently not too long after that.

Mervin developed a close relationship with Joey as he adapted to his new existence and came to see her as his caretaker and guardian.

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