The once-termed-‘hideous’ baby is now a beautiful young lady.

The admirable efforts of Adelaide, Australia, mum and makeup artist Marianna Bowering to educate the public about port-wine stain birthmarks have made her a viral sensation.

Mother Angelica utilised her artistic makeup abilities to honour her daughter’s beauty and individuality by recreating her daughter’s birthmarks on her own face.

On May 6, 2018, Angelica entered the world with a port-wine stain extending from her forehead to her chin in the form of a heart. After getting over their initial shock, the Bowerings welcomed their daughter’s birthmark with open arms and embraced her individual beauty.

Unfortunately, not everyone shared their enthusiasm, and the family was subjected to harassment and abuse.

Marianna said that anytime her daughter posted images of herself online, some individuals would comment on how “hideous” her daughter’s face was. Angelica was informed by several readers that she would never find a partner when she was older due of her “defect.”

A port-wine stain is a form of birthmark that seems to be a spill of red, purple, or pink wine. However, this birthmark darkens with time, leading some to question whether or not Angelica’s face was “grilled” on.

Although a laser operation may help make the skin problem less apparent, there is currently no cure for it. Even while the birthmark doesn’t go away on its own, many kids don’t mind seeing it, particularly if it’s not on their face.

Children with port-wine stains may also be at increased risk for glaucoma and Sturge-Weber syndrome, a neurological condition. Therefore, the Bowerings have taken special care to ensure that Angelica is in peak health by taking her for frequent checkups.

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Marianna described the incident as sad and frightening because of the negative remarks made about her daughter’s features.

Marianna said, “The worst comment online that I’ve gotten is when someone asked if her face had been pushed onto a skillet,” according to Mirror. That her face had a grilled aspect was the gist of his comment.

She said, “In person, I think the most hurtful thing was when someone told me that at a soccer game that she was a ‘defect.'”

Marianna, though, is not going to allow her daughter’s bullies win. The dogged mum decided to speak out against the trolls and bring attention to port-wine stains.

As a show of solidarity, she once drew a heart on her own cheek and then carefully applied makeup to mimic Angelica’s port-wine stain. She posted them on Instagram and other online communities, where she got a lot of positive feedback.

Someone commented on one of Marianna’s postings, “Your daughter is GORGEOUS!” I think the two of you make a cute couple. How wonderful that you are raising her to be self-assured and loved!

Angelica’s eyes lit up as she saw her mom’s face painted in support. It was a reminder that she should embrace her individuality and that she is wonderful exactly the way she is.

Marianna also said that her daughter enjoys playing with cosmetics and is fascinated by her own face, which has a distinctive birthmark. This gives her tremendous confidence that Angelica will develop a healthy sense of self-worth and an exquisite appreciation of her own beauty.

The birthmark looks like a port-wine stain, and it will come to represent her strength and uniqueness. Angelica will continue to encourage people to appreciate their own qualities and revel in their inherent attractiveness.

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