The poor cat has been tortured to the point of paralysis, and his eventual death is certain.

The poor cat has been tortured so severely that he may break his back and become paralyzed from the waist down; he is on the verge of death and desperately needs rescue.

This tragic account details the unspeakable abuse meted out to a gentle cat. The horrific treatment the cat has had has reduced it to a state of extreme anguish and helplessness.

The destiny of the cat, who has been abandoned and allowed to suffer, is uncertain. There is a whispered cry for a second chance for life in its cloudy eyes.

However, light may be found even in the deepest night. Hearing its screams, kind people band together, determined to give the cat

the home and family it deserves. Veterinarians, volunteers, and animal rights activists band together to ease the cat’s pain and give it a chance at survival.

Two sickly cats were left in a box.

Two Hernia-afflicted kittens were rescued and given new homes.