The poor cat was dying since it had been left behind by the trash truck.

A little, helpless cat was abandoned to meet an unpleasant end in a lonely alley next to a busy trash truck. Its eyes reflected a deep feeling of loneliness and sadness,

and its once-vibrant fur was matted and unclean. This helpless creature had been abandoned to languish on the outside of society and had been robbed of the love and care it deserved. It was a disturbing sight.

A good-hearted bystander saw the abandoned cat among the turmoil and apathy of the world. They paused for little more than a second before rushing to the cat’s side,

overcome with empathy. Its feeble physique and debilitated status were clear indicators that it was about to perish from the harshness of its environment. Silently, the need for help, for a rescuer, rang from its gaze.

The life of the abandoned cat dangled in the balance, minute by moment. Its gaunt physique and listless gait conveyed a dire image of its failing health.

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The cat was abandoned to perish after getting tar trapped in its eye.