The poor cat was kicked by passers-by as it wandered the street.

Toshey, the lovely cat, had been hiding out in the foyer of one of the apartment buildings for quite some time, braving the elements and the perils of the street.

varied people in the building had varied reactions to him. When some people fed him, others made fun of him.

The locals started to become nervous about the cat hanging out at the front door, so they considered getting rid of him.

It was unclear whether or if their goal was to injure him, deport him, or something much worse. The cat’s eye was harmed in the end.

The kind-hearted occupants of the building could no longer tolerate watching him in anguish. They made a phone call, and an aid worker brought him to the vet.

A rare cat has been seen on Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world.

Upon watching people carrying away a kitten, the cat buried the kitten with its own paws, yet its heart was overwhelmed with sadness.