People Are astounded by the pregnant mother’s moving “foot” capture.

A soon-to-be mother amazed her fans by sharing a video of her baby’s foot leaving an impression on her breast while breastfeeding.

Taylor Victoria, a TikTok creator and soon-to-be mother, has been providing her fans with pregnancy updates on a daily basis. At 31 weeks along, she was able to capture her unborn child’s adorable kесскуѕ on video.

Look here: Jokingly, she shared the amazing event with her followers and added, “When your baby has giant feet.”

The 25-year-old mother’s video amazed viewers, who spoke about the magical moment in the comments section.

“This is amazing!” said one individual. Another said, “Aw, it’s so clear lol, can’t wait for mine to show.” “I can’t believe you have a video of this!” A third viewer made a remark.

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