In the pouring rain, an abandoned puppy on the roadway begs for help.

Meet Nikki, the teeny-tiny! She had been abandoned for days on the side of the road. It was pouring outside, and she was quite cold.

Nikki shrank back to avoid falling; obviously, she was hurt. Nikki is really frail. Her physique is insufficient to withstand these calamities.

A good Samaritan discovered her and opted to save her. He sat Nikki in the car, but she was completely still, groaning with weak gasps at times.

Nikki is being looked after with great care. She was still weak and unable to rise. She felt a little better the next day. She can stand up and drink some milk.

She gets to sleep in a wonderful and comfortable bed for the first time because she is so loving and affectionate.

Nikki is content in the shelter. She has gained weight and is stunning. She is amiable and eager to be adopted by a loving home.

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