A tiny stray kitten discovered on the sidewalk refuses to let go of her new mother.

Crenshaw was only a kitten when she discovered herself alone in the world. Small Stray Kitten Two pedestrians noticed the tiny cat resting alone on a sidewalk in a bad neighborhood, very next to a busy road.

Crenshaw was a small kitten that was meowing for her mother. Small Stray Kitten The two women came to a halt and searched for the mama cat and any other kittens, but the small wanderer was alone.

The women were concerned for the orphan and unsure what to do. Fortunately, a woman called Sharra Platt happened to be driving by at the time.

Platt was driving home from work when she observed the tiny kitten and the two worried women on the pavement.

She drove over and asked what was wrong, and the woman informed her that the kitten was alone.Platt, Sharra

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What happened a month later left us stunned, unable to fathom the amazing turn of events.