The tale of little Braylee demonstrates the profound impact that organ donation may have.

Expectant parents want nothing more than for their newborn to enter the world in perfect health. This is not always the case, however.

Amanda and Justin were overjoyed at the birth of their daughter Braylee. They praised God because the adorable child seemed to be completely healthy. However, just a few short months after welcoming their daughter into the world, she became ill.


When asked about the first concerns she had for Braylee’s health, Amanda recalled that the girl’s complexion had suddenly become yellow.

The child was finally admitted to the hospital in February of 2016, when a battery of testing confirmed the diagnosis of biliary atresia, a very uncommon condition affecting the liver.

In newborns with this illness, the bile ducts both outside and within the liver become damaged and clogged, preventing bile from entering the gut. Instead, it accumulates in the liver, where it may cause serious harm.

Biliary atresia: Braylee’s Struggle

Braylee’s health is quite serious, and Amanda and Justin have been informed that she will need surgery to have her liver surgically connected to her intestines. The operation was unfortunately unsuccessful, and the child’s condition remained grave.

Biliary atresia: Braylee’s Struggle

After some time, Braylee’s stomach ballooned to the size of a water balloon. The parents were informed that their child required an immediate liver transplant; however, no emergency donors were on standby.

Then Justin requested the doctors to check him out to determine whether he was a suitable fit. He knew he was risking his health, but he didn’t care if it meant he could keep his girlfriend alive.

Biliary atresia: Braylee’s Struggle

The doctor arrived as Justin was preparing for the operation. They were able to locate a suitable donor, saving Justin from having to donate a portion of his liver to Braylee. The youngster was going to get the organ from a dead donor alongside another infant.

The only thing left for these parents to do was to put their trust in God and hope for the best for their child. The operation was a success, thank goodness.

Biliary atresia: Braylee’s Struggle

Braylee began to feel better as time went on, and she is now a perfectly healthy young woman with the most upbeat demeanour.

Biliary atresia: Braylee’s Struggle

We’re relieved that everything worked out for Braylee in the end. This is another proof of the life-altering potential of organ donation. Donors of vital organs deserve particular recognition. They are angels whose lives continue on after death by inhabiting the bodies of others.

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