The poor cat, having no one to turn to and nowhere to hide, was left to face the world by itself when its owner abandoned and deserted it.

Mutual trust and love may form the basis of a strong friendship between people and their animal companions. Sadly, there are times when this link is broken, leaving the helpless creatures to rely only on their luck.

The cat had enjoyed the warmth of a loving household, and it had once been a beloved friend. But it was suddenly thrown away like

an unwanted object, for reasons that are only known to itself. Any creature that is abandoned suffers a terrible destiny, and the confused cat was left to struggle to survive in a harsh environment.

Its screams of uncertainty and distress rang through the woods as it made its way across the unknown landscape.

It was a painful cry for assistance that received no response. When left on its own, the cat had to rely on scavenging and determination to survive.

A helpless kitten that was stuck in the muck revealed a heartbreaking sight.

The little cat, stricken with injuries from torture, begs out for assistance in the middle of the trash heap.