The young Julia Roberts resembles her mother in her younger years.

Do you want to know which famous person I think gets little media attention? Fans know surprisingly little about the Oscar-winning actress who has acted in some of the most popular films of the last 30 years.

We do know that Julia Roberts’ life improved greatly once she got married and had children. She now has three adult children; the youngest, a daughter, has lately gained notice for being often mistaken for her famous mother.

She has been reluctant to share photos of her children with the media throughout the years, claiming that she and her husband are protective of their privacy.

The actress told USA Today in 2013 that she and her husband do their best to protect their children’s privacy. Roberts notes that her maturity has protected her from the temptations of fame and the internet.

Marriage number one for Julia Roberts

numerous men flocked to Julia when she became known as “America’s sweetheart” due to her numerous high-profile romances with famous actors like Benjamin Bratt and Kiefer Sutherland.

Julia’s relationship with composer Lyle Lovett started while she was at the height of her fame and success. Lyle immediately saw how lucky he was to have her, and their love flourished.

They decided to tie the knot on the spot. Sadly, in 1995, after just two years of marriage, the couple divorced due to the enormous strain they had been under.

The Spouse of Julia Roberts

The Pretty Woman star and her future husband, Daniel Moder, met on the set of 2000’s The Mexican, where they both worked as camera operators. They were married in 2002, and in 2004, they had twins named Hazel and Phinnaeus.

After waiting three years, they finally had another son, Henry. According to Julia, she was a very self-centered person who only cared about creating films before she got married and had children. Her spouse is the one she says changed her for the better and gave her a new perspective on life.

The duo has grown closer via their shared experience making films together. Recently, Julia and Danny celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary, and in honour of the occasion, the actress shared a rare snapshot of the two of them on Instagram with the caption, “19 years. Only in the outset!

Offspring of Julia Roberts

Julia is a doting mum to her three kids: Hazel and Phinnaeus, who are twins, and Henry, who is her youngest. Despite her celebrity status, Julia claims that she and her husband are just your average football mum and housewife.

She jokingly joked that if she wasn’t being questioned, she’d be driving her children to school in the carpool lane. Julia’s children are her proudest achievement, but raising them has not been without its challenges. In an interview with Instyle, she laughed off the difficulties of bringing her kids to bed.

It’s becoming harder and harder to keep her kids out of the spotlight as they become older. But in November 2021, Julia and her husband paid homage to Hazel and Phinnaeus online on their birthday.

Moder, Hazel

For a long time, no one knew anything about Julia’s only child, Hazel. Recently, though, additional images of Hazel have emerged, and many people have been shocked to see the uncanny likeness between the two, except for Hazel’s blonde hair.

In addition, Hazel seems to have taken after her mother in terms of kindness. Julia revealed to InStyle in 2017 that Hazel, at the age of 12, had donated her long blonde hair to Wigs for Kids, a gesture for which Julia expressed respect. Read on for additional details, and don’t forget to forward this article to your Facebook friends!

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