There will be no divorce! Secrets to a Successful Relationship!

It is incorrect to contemplate divorce! The blame lies only with you, not with the other spouse! So think about the fundamentals of a happy relationship!
Please read this article and make a note of your observations. Remove the negativity and develop the positives.

Every woman desires a guy who is wealthy, or who can generate enough money to provide a comfortable lifestyle for the family. Nothing is wrong with this. Even the Ganges, which Lord Siva holds in his head, does not kiss his lips but instead travels to the soil to make her route to the sea. Lord Siva, after all, is not wealthy! A poet says so!

In general, ladies prefer a good-looking guy with several qualities. She will put her excellent behaviour aside and give herself to him. She will be rendered powerless, like to a boat caught in a whirlpool. Remember that a young lady may provide so much pleasure to the lovers’ five senses.

Her kind looks delight the eyes. The suppleness of her person pleases the body. Her scent of her tongue delights the sense of smell. She delights the ears with her charming words. She delights the sensation of taste by enthusiastically presenting her lotus face for kissing.

In his world renowned Thirukkural (Verse 1101), the great Tamil Poet Thiruvalluvar states, “you may find the simultaneous enjoyments of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch in one place with bright resplendent armlets bearing damsel!”

A lady should be respected at all times! If you approach a lady just for sexual enjoyment, she will not like you. The love must be reciprocal and come from the heart. What is going on at the pleasure-house? Because of the weight of her bosom, the young girl will droop slightly. The spouse, the king of her heart and life, connected her with youth. Two lovers who are enthusiastically hugging one other are entering each other’s bodies. As a result, they are hidden. And, lo and behold, no one can discover their own personality in this love sport!

Last but not least, males must comprehend that women are similar to lamp fires! Yes, they are like lamp flames with soot in the shape of their black hair, appealing to the eyes but deadly to touch (unless they agree). Men are burned like grass.

Finally, a female would choose a youngster based on seven characteristics in him: his family background, his behaviour, his physical constitution, his age, his learning, his riches, and his equality of standing.

Man and woman should respect each other, and the key idea here is to adapt and change!

Poetic Scenes of Love, Romance, and Relationship!