This 43-year-old “curvy” model has the “perfect body,” according to experts.

Although scientific discoveries often confirm common knowledge, every so often we learn something that really blows our minds. Recently, a few scientific studies shown that a 43-year-old model may have the ‘ideal figure.’

However, her appearance caught everyone by surprise. Learn more about her on the next pages!


Women with model-like figures, or very thin people in general, have long been held up as the ideal body type. But prepare to have your views fundamentally challenged.

Standards of beauty are always developing. The ideal of beauty has shifted from Marilyn Monroe’s voluptuous figure to that of Kate Moss’s extreme thinness. Women with an hourglass figure are universally admired because of this ideal.

However, a new research out of Texas University casts doubt on this long-held notion. According to the results, women should strive for a “fuller” and “curvier shape.”

The ideal body mass index was determined to be 18.85, with a breast size of 93 cm, a waist size of 61 cm, and hip sizes of 87 cm. The research also indicated that a healthy hip-to-waist ratio is between.65 and.75.


Kelly Brook, a British model, is a great match for these specifications. While after looking at her, society may deem her shape to be ‘plump’ according to beauty standards set today, according to science, she has the shape which is most desirable to men.

Nonetheless, attractiveness is, ultimately, a matter of opinion. Individuals differ in what they find beautiful, as do their aesthetic preferences.


This research may reveal the scientifically ideal body type, but it doesn’t make the non-ideal forms unacceptable or unattractive. This research only demonstrates that our cultural ideal of beauty—a skinny woman—does not always align with scientific consensus.

Recognising that this research demonstrates that there is variation in what we think attractive is particularly significant in the current day, which places a premium on valuing such diversity.

According to the norms of the modelling profession, women who are deemed plus-size are just as stunning as any other model. Ashley Graham and other models have proven this for years.

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