This Infant Is Talking Nonstop To Her Best Friend, A Dog

Prior to her family acquiring a new puppy, this girl was an ordinary newborn. She and the dog clicked right away, and she began chatting like best friends.

She is now obsessed with chatting to her puppy friend. It’s true that dogs make excellent friends. Can dogs and newborns communicate?

Dogs and infants are similar in many ways when it comes to communicating. Both are very gregarious animals that communicate

mostly via vocal signals and body language. And both can be rather loud, as any parent who has ever had to wake them up due to a wailing infant will attest!

On the other hand, there is data that suggests that newborns and dogs may genuinely understand each other more than we think. According to studies, dogs can identify the sound of a screaming newborn and will often react in a reassuring manner.

Two years after it was taken, the mother finds her starving dog.

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