This is the day when history was made.

22-year-old Jeff Louis decided to move out on his own, without the help of his parents. Now he makes pizzas for a living in Ohio. One day, after finishing an order, he got the biggest surprise of his life.

While Jeff usually showed up to work at noon, he was contacted unexpectedly early one day.

The young guy was asked to make a delivery near a place of worship. There, a big surprise was waiting for the 22-year-old.

When he arrived, he was pushed to go inside and provide the pizza to the priest himself. The guy agreed, but he did think it was strange. But in the following seconds, he experienced something that left him unable to speak.

“Amazing things have been happening to me. Jeff, clearly moved to tears, said, “Everyone in the church came to me and gave me over $ 700.”

Jeff felt compelled to tell his tale and make a video about it. He inspired hundreds of people with his tale.

As he began his story, the guy said, “The most incredible thing happened today.”

Jeff’s drug abuse and ongoing treatment remain mostly hidden from public view. His weak voice can be heard in the video as he expresses gratitude to the folks who helped him get his new life started.

“Making a livelihood has been difficult for me recently. I can’t believe complete strangers were willing to risk their own safety to aid me.

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