A pit bull terrier rescued ‘just in time’ succumbs emotionally in the embrace of her rescuer.

However, the voyage had just begun. Ross was provisionally lodged in an office because there was no room at the rescuer’s residence. His initial condition was pitiful; he was a foul-smelling dog in dire need of a cleansing.

The relationship between Ross and his rescuer Jocelyn was immediately apparent. Despite his bulk, Ross feared bathing alone.

In an act of pure compassion, his rescuer joined him in the shower while fully clad, ensuring that he felt safe and comforted.

This touching moment illustrated the severity of Ross’s trauma and the extent to which people will go to alleviate the suffering of a soul.

Ross’s behavior manifested the consequences of his traumatic past. He was agitated and continually on the move, an obvious indication of the trauma caused by his confinement for so long.

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