Tiny Kitten Found Barely Breathing Proved To Be A Fighter

A little, almost dead cat plays a pivotal role in a touching tale shared by Dawn Firestone. This poor furball was found in a terrible condition; his eyes hadn’t even opened yet when he was found.

Dawn’s kind nature led her to take in the sickly kitten, but it seemed like he wouldn’t make it. At that time, nobody had much hope that he would make it.

Everyone was surprised when this little cat proved to be so courageous. Dawn looks back on those early days with nostalgia, saying:

I found him with very little life left in him. Every 10 to 15 seconds, he would gulp for breath. If he could only make it, I told him, “I will give you the best life ever.” And then he began to meow a little.

Rocky is the moniker given to this feline combatant. His ordeal was not simple, especially considering how late in the game he was saved. He had a hard time eating at first. Dawn recalls the challenging times:

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