A cat, waiting patiently for her ideal home, wants to attract the attention of good-hearted people with her enchanting grin.

Together with her young kittens, a dilute tortoiseshell that had been discovered as a stray was sent to Salem Friends of Felines in Oregon.

They were put in foster care right away, where a volunteer would take care of all of their needs. Mother Priscilla, who is said to be seven years old, was devoted to her kittens and always in need of care

from her human companions. Foster Mom Kayla said to Love Meow, “She would leave her babies for a bit to come get brushed and petted.”

Following treatment for a few health problems, the adorable mother cat curled up purring peacefully in her clean, cozy nest with her offspring. “She was an excellent mother.” She was so joyful and kind all the time.

After being abandoned in a backyard, a “Blep”-adorned kitten finds his feet again, and a touching recovery takes place.

Now, a two-faced kitty found within a wall is cozy with a loving, large family.