The dog whose ears were lopped off only wants to cuddle and find a permanent home.

After a dog was viciously assaulted by two other canines, Greenville County Animal Care issued an urgent appeal for a volunteer to transport the injured dog to a veterinarian clinic. Animal enthusiast Fran Alexey Rizzo answered the phone.

Two women who were out for a stroll and heard a disturbance at a home saved Legend. When they arrived, two Pit bulls were seen assaulting the dog. Animal control was summoned because they were tearing him apart, and the three canines were taken to Greenville County Animal Care.

Alexay initially encountered Legend covered in blood and puncture wounds. His left ear was torn off, his right ear was dangling by a thread, and he was covered in bite marks.

“You could see all the puncture wounds from his shoulders forward,” Rizzo reported to The Greenville News. “He had several deep wounds from which blood was oozing when he moved.”

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