When the cat owner walks into the bathroom, he discovers his cat talking to himself in the mirror.

Everyone needs a pep talk now and then, and some individuals even practice mantras in front of a mirror to get ready for the day. And it appears that this rescued kitty was doing something similar… Perseus, the cat, has been discovered in the mirror chatting to himself.

Cats are known for their odd antics, but Perseus has a new and unusual interest. His owner videotaped him growling at his own reflection in the mirror. This behavior could be caused by a variety of factors.

Perhaps he was scared, mistaking his own reflection for another cat invading his domain. It’s also likely that this was his first interaction with a mirror, and

the noises he produced were a result of his perplexity. the cat in front of the mirror Or maybe he was just admiring himself – who knows with cats?

Whatever the cause for Perseus’ preoccupation with mirrors, it began to alarm his owners. In the footage, we can hear the videographer asking his pet what’s wrong, while others enter the scene to find out what’s wrong with the cat.

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