Woman travels four hours to save a dog from euthanasia and ends up with three canines in her vehicle.

A woman from Virginia is an avid dog lover. She enjoys having them in her home, especially those who appear to have no one to turn to or for whom care is no longer desired.

Shelly Blount is a dog enthusiast, as evidenced by the fact that she already has three rescued canines. She wanted to add another dog to her current pack after seeing an online ad for a dog in need of adoption. The woman decided to adopt the dog online, so she made arrangements with the shelter.

The initial intention was for her to adopt the dog online and bring him home to give him a second opportunity at life. Her intentions were honorable, and her generosity is undeniable.

When she visited the shelter, however, something even more extraordinary occurred. Her original intention was to acquire one rescue dog, but she wound up adopting three canines named Bella, Caleb, and Charisma.


A couple discovers an unusual dog sleeping in their bed when they awaken.

The anchor reporting on a stolen dog witnesses the same dog strolling down the street.