The frightened mother dog lay there, wailing for assistance to save her pups, unable to rise.

In a trash dump, a kind person found this poor dog family. The mother dog was in very bad condition. She tried to feed her baby even though she was still unable to stand.

The good-hearted individual took them to a more secure location and called in a local rescue. As she waited for assistance, she gave them some food and beverages. It’s awful since the poor mother was close to passing away.

They were taken to an animal sanctuary. They are a family of stray dogs, and the mother dog suffered greatly from a skin condition. Her puppies have no serious health issues and are in perfect health.

After a full recovery, the mother is back with her children in their secure haven. They live their best lives together and are in excellent health. It was uncomfortable at first, but it became positive very fast.

We are grateful for the assistance and for providing this family with another opportunity. Without your love and generosity, they would not have survived.

A guy found a helpless puppy stuck in a sewer with its mouth frozen.

When the fireman who had saved the dejected shelter dog showed up to take her home, her happiness knew no limits.