A cat sits patiently for weeks on a bench, waiting for someone to stop for him.

The feline opted to wait for help while perched on a park seat. Someone eventually stopped after the cat waited patiently for weeks, and now he’s enjoying the life of his dreams.

A few months ago, a good-hearted lady saw a stray cat sitting on a park bench and decided to take it in. It was as if the cat was anticipating the arrival of another creature.

This feline is typical of the thousands who are left homeless in Kuwait. He had remained in that park for quite some time, trying to attract notice and get the assistance he so sorely needed.

The cat’s rescuer says he’s quite tame and affectionate once he gets to know you. Furthermore, he was injured, requiring immediate veterinarian attention.

Microchips allowed a missing cat to be located 7 years and 1,500 miles later.

An abandoned mother cat walks up to the rescuers and leads them to her three helpless kittens.