(Video) A Mother’s Irrefutable Jorey: Edrig 6 Days of Labor to Welcome Her Precios Agel

The only predictable aspect of birth is that it is predictable. Ad being in labor for 6 days was not something Irma had anticipated when she planned for the birth of her first child!But she kept going, day after day, trstig in God’s timing

. After days of painful contractions and little development over 4cm, she and her husband decided to switch from a planned home delivery to hospital treatment.

With an epidural, pitoci, and a slew of positional changes recommended by her delivery team, she made it through the night and met her lovely child the next morning!

Whitey urged Irma to cotie icorporatig moemet ad positio chages ito her effort, ee with the epidral. She and the rses assisted her into a side-lyig release positio to assist in opening the brim of the pelis.

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