Three rescued dogs from a garbage dump pose for a touching photo one year later.

An inspiring narrative of rescue and kindness is told by three dogs that were formerly homeless and living on a single mattress in a trash heap and who are now reunited after a year apart.

Princeton, Minnesota’s Ruff Start Rescue recently posted a series of before-and-after images on their Facebook page, highlighting the incredible transformation of these rescued dogs.

“The holidays will look a lot different for these rescue pups this year!” it said on their post In the first image, Cooper,

Trixi, and Bruno can be seen huddled together on a mattress among the trash on Christmas Eve, 2021. Ruff Start Rescue said that, with the help of several groups, they were able to find good homes for all three of these pups.

Followers of Ruff Start Rescue were left wondering what had become of the other two dogs when an update was posted on Cooper,

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