This Kitten Is Obsessed With The Ciabatta From Trader Joe’s

Prepare to laugh out loud at this endearing and unusual story about a cat. Sparkle the cat loves ciabatta from Trader Joe’s,

which is an unusual hobby. Ciabatta bread, you read correctly! Sparkle’s obsession with something that is clearly not a reward for cats is hilarious.

It’s amazing to see how popular ciabatta has become in Sparkle. Her humorous fury will befall anybody who so much as touches her ciabatta. Here you can see the strong determination she has shown. It’s like a ciabatta guardian on high alert!

Strangely, Sparkle only likes the ciabatta from Trader Joe’s, and not any other kind of bread or dough.

Here you may see her ciabatta dominance. She seems to have a sixth feeling for finding the ciabatta rolls in the supermarket cart.

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