A heartwarming story about a police officer who adopts a cute puppy while responding to an animal shelter call.

Montgomery was only supposed to investigate a situation involving a former shelter employee, but he ended up doing much more.

When he arrived at the shelter, he had no notion that his life was about to change or that he would help a lonely child.

However, Montgomery was shortly to welcome a new family member. Montgomery appeared at the Fort Walton Beach Animal Welfare Society and conducted a 20-minute interview.

Then, as he was leaving the interview and preparing to depart, he occurred upon a cute pooch One of the shelter volunteers was holding a tiny pit bull infant, and Montgomery fell in love at first sight.

The adorable puppy was difficult to resist. Montgomery discovered that the lovely, innocent puppy had been discarded in a crate behind the shelter and had lain there for an entire night before being rescued.

Her family abandoned her, but she refused to give up her blanket in the hopes that they would return.

Finally, a dog kept on such a short leash that she couldn’t even rest her head is rescued.