This older dog eagerly anticipates her owner’s morning walk companion every day.

Sometimes the mundane pleasures of everyday living are the most rewarding. Many people have been touched by the story of Maisy, a Golden Retriever, and Richard, a retiree who meet each other every day on the sidewalk.

Mas, Maisy’s loving father and Tiktokker @mspeelhmb, has been posting adorable videos of their daily ritual. “Richard walks from the retirement community around my block, and my dog loves him,” Mas says. Here they are this morning, greeting one another.


My dog really adores Richard, a resident of the retirement complex who walks the loop around my street. They are seen here greeting one another this morning.

Soundtrack by Mas

As the elderly but spirited Maisy gets up from her nap on the grass, a magical scene appears. As Richard gets closer, she wags her tail with more glee. She welcomes us with an ecstatic shriek of excitement.

Richard, the stroller’s pusher, returns the dog’s delight by flashing a grin that spreads like wildfire. Maisy’s habit of giving Richard a leaf to show her appreciation for his friendship adds a sweet touch to their exchanges. It’s not just one random deed;

Every train passenger on the dog’s path to becoming a best buddy.

Relaxing to the contented grins of sleeping infants