The Third Time’s a Charm for This Cat That Was Left Behind Twice

It’s not simple to take care of a cat. Too many people, sadly, don’t know this. They take in a kitty, but give up on it when the going gets tough.

Before taking on the responsibility of a pet, you should always make sure you know what you’re getting into.

You shouldn’t adopt until you have all you need and are confident in your ability to perform the ‘job. Our lives are much improved by having cats, but with that benefit comes some major obligations.

The original owners of this cat abandoned her at a shelter when they started a family. Her adoptive family loved her dearly and struggled to let her go. However, they acted in that manner because she had problems.

After that, she became a barn cat across from the home her soon-to-be third (and forever) family resided in. According to her current owner:

abandoned kitten clings to her rescuers after being found in the field.

This once homeless, cross-eyed cat has found a forever family.