Two Hernia-afflicted kittens were rescued and given new homes.

Two adorable 8-month-old kittens, Sam and Frodo, were rescued by the organization One Cat At A Time Rescue. Umbilical hernias were so serious in both kittens that they needed expert treatment.

An umbilical hernia is a soft bulge under the skin caused by the umbilical ring not closing properly after birth, as stated by the Providence Veterinary Hospital.

In most cases, hernias are surgically correctable and pose no major health risks.

This, however, was not the case with these cute little kittens. Because of the complexity of their condition, they needed to be treated in a specialist facility.

It was more expensive to operate on the kittens because of the possibility of intussusception and other complications. Almost $8,000 was spent on the two kittens’ care and upkeep.

The tweets of “One Cat at a Time Rescue” Due to the urgency of the situation, the rescue group was able to raise the necessary funds, and they began with Sam, who was in much worse shape than Frodo.

The poor cat has been tortured to the point of paralysis, and his eventual death is certain.

Panda is a sociable cat with vitiligo markings that likes to surprise people with unexpected greetings.