A Single Disabled Father’s Struggle to Raise Two Little Princesses Despite the Loss of His Wife.NhuY

It began with a horrific accident that rendered him disabled and unable to adapt to his new reality His pregnant wife was rushed to the hospital for an emergency delivery, just when he thought things could not get any worse.

The Twins were born healthy, but his wife died tragically shortly after. Combination is: how is this father capable of caring for these twins?

How did he find the strength to move on despite such a calamity when he is disabled? This is his tragic tale.

We are located in northern Rwanda. This father of three will visit the Mosanza District and reveal his life tattoo. He led a normal life, but last year he had a dreadful day, the worst day of his life as a teenager, in which he nearly perished abroad.

People who were at the scene of the accident could not have imagined that I would survive until I arrived at the hospital.

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