Every train passenger on the dog’s path to becoming a best buddy.

When traveling on a train, most individuals keep their distance from unknown passengers. But as with any generalization, there is always one outlier, and in this instance, it’s the friendly Golden Retriever Huxley.

Huxley has a special talent for ignoring conventional standards and instead drawing the attention he not only needs but also openly demands.

Huxley’s fascinating universe is full of people you may connect with during a train trip. Huxley often journeys throughout the British terrain with his brother Hugo and their doting owner Ursula.

Ursula often takes photos of her dogs’ adorable interactions with other passengers on these trips, demonstrating Huxley’s dogged pursuit of the love he craves.

Huxley goes all out when he decides he wants to enjoy the company of humans. He gets close, flops down, and paws at those around him playfully, leaving no opportunity for them to say no. Huxley isn’

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