The pregnant dog’s journey to the rubbish dump was fraught with danger as she thought about her unborn puppies.

The staff wasted no time getting Carmi to the vet. Anaemic with low rbc and high wbc owing to severe blood infection; blood test completed. Chemical exposure may be to blame for renal sickness, which is indicated by a high BUN level. Her distemper screening came back negative.

Ten days later, a miracle occurred! Carmi had four healthy pups despite her difficult circumstances. The four pups that Carmi had are all doing well with their new homes.

Carmi is blossoming into a stunning young girl, putting on weight and growing hair. As a youngster, Carmi endured unimaginable pain and anguish due to isolation and abuse

. She was abandoned and left to fend for herself on the streets, where she faced terrible circumstances and uncertainty.

Now that she has love and support from a lot of people, Carmi flourishes. As she soaks up all the love around her, she wags her tail happily.

Help the dog that got stuck in the trash and lead him safely through the ordeal.

A cherished family pet screams in anguish as it struggles to free its jaws from a thicket of prickly thorns.