Everyone was astounded by her daughter’s uncommon condition at her birth, dubbed the “Hulk Baby.”HauY

At thirty-three weeks, brave Armaſi Milby, who was only sixteen months old, had to be delivered by emergency C-section. Her diagnosis was a severe type of lymphaοgioma, which causes benign growths in the lymph veins.

The very uncommon congenital condition left the courageous child with swollen arms and chest, which her mother

Chelsey said made her seem like a miÿi bodybuilder and earned her the affectionate moniker “Miſi Hυlk.”

Chelsey said that Armani had a cardiac arrest at 17 weeks of pregnancy, and physicians were concerned about possible cardiac fibrillation.

Depending on the part of the body impacted by lymphadenomas, serious health issues may arise. Identifying issues related to breathing or vision.

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