These twins are extraordinarily unique because their skulls were fused at birth.

The sisters share a neural bridge between their brains that regulates cognitive, sensory, and motor functions. Ttin and Krist’s family discovered they could watch television with only one eye,

but the other could still understand what was happening on the screen. The grandmother of the two girls said, “You two have begun giggling, so I know you’re both enjoying something without saying a

word.”The mother of two daughters chose to have a child and disregarded advice regarding abortion. “Abortion is not an option for me,

she said. She also stated that she did not have an abortion, knowing that Ttin and Krist would not be able to walk, run, or play normally as children.

When fathers are with their offspring, memorable moments are created (Video). ‎

The sweetest moments for mothers are when their newborns wail charmingly after birth.