After being separated from her father for three years, a dog didn’t know him until he knelt down.

After three years, Dad was overjoyed to learn that Pakita was still alive and hiding out at a shelter. She had been living a fairly lonely and miserable existence there.

However, Pakita’s response was not what he had anticipated when he arrived at the shelter to bring her home.

Pakistan suffered from the effects of isolation and being in the shelter for so long. The melancholy puppy trusted only her janitors and refused to meet her father.

She whimpered at the sight of the unfamiliar person who was approaching her, since she did not know him.

Seeing that Pakita was feeling anxious, Daddy beckoned her closer. Pakita was hesitant at first, but as Daddy knelt down and spoke to her,

A dog with a bloated face is seen wandering the streets, causing alarm and motivating quick action to help it.

In the midst of giving birth, a distraught mother dog finds the remains of her missing pups.