A lost kitten, unsure about its destiny and with no idea where it will wind up. But fortune has been on its side.

The rescuer acts quickly out of an unrelenting determination to save this defenseless life. They tenderly pick up the little kitten and hold it to their chest with tender hands.

They take on the role of its protector and comforter, giving it the affection and attention it so urgently needs.

As the rescuer assumes the roles of caregiver and protector, the quest to save the abandoned kitten gets on.

They mimic the comfort and coziness of a mother’s embrace, emulating the vital function of parental care. The bed becomes heated, cozy blankets, and a kind touch become the cornerstones of its new haven.

Recognizing the vital need of eating, the rescuer looks for food for the little kitten. To make sure the kitten survives, they mimic the mother’s milk.

Her aggressive face made someone assault her, breaking her leg, and forcing her to run after us while pleading for aid.

The little kittens, unable to find their mother, cried out in anguish.