The fact that someone remembers his birthday makes the little puppy very happy. administrator

small feet, small ears, and a tiny tail that wags when he’s delighted all characterize Odin, the tiny dog. On the small pup’s special day, Odin, on the other hand, was anything from little

Odin and Joyce Cetina’s family are presently living in Mexico. Since the family received Odin three years ago, he has shown them love and compassion on a daily basis.

Joyce described him as an incredibly committed companion to The Dodo. “He likes to play and give hugs.”

Earlier this month, when Odin’s birthday drew closer, the Cetina family decided to throw an extravagant celebration.

They showed Odin how much they respected him by surprising him with a party. When Odin discovered that they had remembered his birthday, he was shocked and touched.

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