Dog in chains with serious burns reunites with the veterinarian who rescued him

After going through a terrifying trauma, Smokey, the joyful dog, was overjoyed to see the veterinarian who was instrumental in saving his life.

This amazing dog’s adventure started when he was found tied to a tree in the peaceful community of Jupiter, Florida, and saved from the grip of a raging nightmare.

The courageous firemen moved quickly to take Smokey to the emergency veterinarian to see if his precarious life might be saved.

Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center (JPESC) wrote a moving story about this inspiring story, detailing how “Fen,” who used to be called Smokey, changed.

When Fen was recovered in March 2017, his leg had been completely destroyed by third-degree burns, leaving his body ruined. Relentlessly determined and showered with kind care, JPESC set out on a difficult mission to restore Fen’s health.

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