The Bernedoodle’s after-school love of his younger sister won the hearts of seven million viewers.

This is the most beautiful and charming sight to greet you each day when you return home. This kid got home from school just now.

Not just his mom, but the whole family is anxiously awaiting his homecoming. His devoted canine companion is likewise waiting with bated breath.

In the clip, the dog waits patiently in the front yard for his human sister to exit the school bus and make the short journey across the yard to greet him.

The dog looks to be sprinting to meet his sister halfway, as seen by the stretch of his legs. However, instead of running, he walked.

After all that running and chasing his tail, maybe he just needed to get some exercise. His brother approaches him and greets him.

After being neglected and abandoned for nine years, a dying dog has a brief moment of optimism.

Dog, rejected by his owners because of his blindness and deafness, now nurses every sick foster pet his human brings into the house.