Thousands of hearts melt when they see a stray dog that was never loved being caressed for the first time.

She remained elusive even though good-hearted villagers tried their best to capture her.
That is, until Erika, a concerned bystander, alerted WOOF Pet Rescue Society, who showed up right away.

“The retrieval team posted on Facebook that it wasn’t an easy catch; she resisted being on the catch-pole and fought us all the way to the crate we had waiting for.

However, once safely inside the crate, she calmed down, and by the time we arrived at WOOF, she was content to be close to us and, while still wary, seemed to be relaxed enough to enjoy some human contact.”

Blossom was brought straight to a veterinarian as soon as she was safely in the care of WOOF Pet Rescue. The assessment? A bad case of mange, but fortunately nothing very life-threatening.

Blossom was going to make a complete recovery with a little TLC. Following Blossom’s medical examination, the WOOF Pet

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