The emotional moments of being reunited with a soldier’s newborn child remind us that we must all strive for peace.

Once deployed, the soldier discovered that he may not even be able to return home for the birth. It had been nine months, but on May 12, Osorne’s commander told him to pack his ags and leave. They released him on leave so he could go home and meet his newborn child.

Even though his daughter was born while he was flying home, his family made surz to capture the moment he met her for the first time at the Athens Regional Health System Medical Center.

“I turned the corner… and stood still at the door. I had no idea what to say. “I was giggling like a schoolgirl” was how Osorne recalled feeling when he first saw his child. It was genuine, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

When he finally holds the 𝑏𝑎𝑏𝑦, he’s in complete astonishment. His family gazed on, as they all shed tears of delight

The mother’s agony at losing her twins due to premature birth was followed by her ecstatic relief when she successfully gave birth to five children in her subsequent delivery.

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