When an aging cat finds a loving home, it fills us with joy.

Certain individuals get a deeper understanding as they become older. That viewpoint always leaves the rest of us wondering what they are thinking and doing. However, we must assume that their past experiences have been instructive and that they will continue to be so in the future.

So, although it’s true that we’re always surprised by the little things in life, there are certain shocks that are just TOO shocking to keep quiet about! A senior male cat walked into the home of a family in Valrico, Florida,

on May 22 and rewarded them with his wisdom. This senior cat should have been rather wise, since he entered the home of a committed cat rescuer.

You’ve probably heard of the animals Andrea Budkis Christian has fostered for St. Francis Society Animal Rescue. Did this sage old cat realize that meeting Andrea was the first day of the rest of his

life? And where exactly did he originate from? As a consequence of her TNVR (Lure/Neuter/Vaccinate/Return) work, she is well familiar with the cats in her area. But this oldster

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