What Those Venus Bites on Your Back Say About You

Learn the significance of those two odd holes in your back and how they give you an edge over everyone else. Find out more.

The importance of Venus holes may be seen in the region just opposite the naval. Those that have two of these holes are in a class of their own.

What’s up with Venus?

Quora / Raul Myers

Women’s little back circles are called Venus holes, while men’s are called Apollo holes, and both have interesting meanings.

Quora / Raul Myers

Position of these openings in close proximity to the pelvic area is influenced by both heredity and ligament size. They are not optional or removable.

What do the holes in Venus mean?
What’s up with Venus?

They are a sign of a healthy physique and easy orgasms because they indicate good circulation.

They populate areas devoid of skeletal muscle. They are inborn and hence unlearnable. But working out may improve eyesight by decreasing fat deposits.

The two holes on the rear are just decorative and serve no practical use. Get a tattoo to complement your features and others will think you’re gorgeous.

Whereabouts on your lower back do you wear them? Leave your thoughts below!

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