When Dad says, “There’s something wrong with Adam’s leg,” Mom is forbidden from holding her newborn.

When Andrea West was a senior in college, she met her future husband.

They started dating immediately, and once Andreas completed school, they decided to return to his hometown.

Just a few years into their relationship, they were already engaged and telling friends and family that Andrea was expecting their first child. Andrea was overcome with joy.

But after just eleven weeks, the happiness was replaced by sadness. Andrea, sadly, had a miscarriage.

What Andrea was feeling, she expressed on the Love What Matters Facebook page thusly:

“I was a total mess. I had no idea what to do, who to ask for advice from, or what topics were off-limits. One in four women experience the same thing, yet no one ever talks about it. I really doubted that I could handle another pregnancy.

Because her spouse remained at her side the whole time, Andrea began to feel more at ease. Thankfully, she became pregnant again.

She promised herself that this time she would do all in her power to give her kid the best possible start in life. She gave up eating sushi and some of her favourite cheeses.

In addition, she devoured pregnancy literature like it was going out of style, sure that this time would be different.

It was a very orderly conclusion to her tenure. When her contractions reached the mild to moderate range, she and her partner checked in to the hospital and were given a delivery room.

Ultrasound testing indicated that her amniotic sac had nearly little fluid, delaying her discharge. There was an imminent need to induce labour.

The genesis

Thank goodness the labour and delivery went well. Andrea and her husband welcomed their baby Adam before the sun came up the next morning.

Sadly, Andrea’s boyfriend missed out on the chance to execute the customary umbilical cord cutting.

Instead, Adam was taken quickly away from his parents by medical staff. Andrea’s husband got a glimpse of their child over the shoulder of a group of physicians. The man turned back to Andrea and said, “Honey, there’s something wrong with Adam’s leg.”

About twenty people surrounded Adam, the child. As she waited for a response, Andrea’s anxiety grew.

Andrea’s mother and boyfriend left her in the hospital as they went to notify her family. No one has told her what is wrong with her baby even today.

As it turned out, his right half of stomach and his whole right leg were marbled with purple and black.

The Free Media Archive (The depiction of a birth in this image is unrelated to the narrative.)

What we found

Adam was eventually diagnosed with CMTC, a very uncommon vascular abnormality.

Andrea and her husband couldn’t think of anything to say. When their kid was born, there had been less than 500 documented occurrences of the illness.

All of the tests conducted on Adam’s essential organs came back negative.

Andrea was discharged from the newborn critical care unit after four days.

Adam’s therapy was a success, and he was given comprehensive aftercare instructions to follow. But as time went on, it was evident that Adam was one tough cookie.

He’s a fine young guy today who takes pleasure in chess and riddles.

His condition has made his leg weak, yet he has still been able to participate in sports.

Adam has known from a young age that he is handicapped in some manner, but he has never allowed that stop him from achieving his goals.

Andrea West has continued her work with CMTC Alliance, an international organisation dedicated to bettering the lives of those who have been diagnosed with rare vascular malformations.

She is a diligent worker in the cause of bringing more attention to these conditions, on behalf of individuals who suffer from them.

If you are moved to help others who suffer from rare illnesses, please consider sharing Adam’s story and making a donation to the charity. Your kindness will be immensely appreciated by those who are fighting uncommon illnesses.3

Adam may have caused some initial difficulties for the West family, but they seem to be doing OK today.

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