Years of cruelty and rejection because of his looks culminate in the rescue of a mistreated dog by a loving family that accepts him for who he is.

Poor Bonnie the dog was subjected to the cruelty and disdain of indifferent people, but thankfully, she was adopted by a loving family who show her all the affection she deserves in spite of her disability.

Bonnie is a sweet Romanian dog who was left abandoned for a long time and eventually lost her nose, part of her front left leg, and her tail. No one was willing to give the dog without a nose a chance until the right people came along.

What happened to Bonnie is unclear, although it appears most probable that someone without a heart committed such enormous harm.

She was almost died owing to her critical health after being rescued and flown to the UK by the Beacon Animal Rescue Center in Canterbury.

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She was tired of people calling her dog unattractive, so she started sharing photos of his inner beauty online.