A Stray Cat Is Overjoyed To Be Adopted Because Her Kittens Will Now Be Safe

This black and white cat was discovered walking the streets of Dundas, Ontario, Canada. She was pregnant and looking for a safe refuge at the time…

Fortunately, kind people discovered her and knew she needed veterinary treatment and a safe place to remain.

Her rescuers assumed she had been abandoned or mistreated for some time because she had infected sores on her neck and chest. They nursed her back to health and gave her a safe place to give birth.

It was all done in collaboration with their local rescue, Salty Animal Rescue, with the intention of finding a home for the mama cat and her five kittens.

Oreo, the sweet momma cat, was sociable from the time they met her. She was overjoyed to have a place to call home after spending so much time on the streets. Salty Animal Rescue cofounders Katelyn and Karly shared:

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