Will Shatner Says He Knows His Time Is Limited

The 91-year-old Star Trek legend William Shatner discussed his impending death in a recent interview in anticipation of the premiere of his documentary, “You Can Call Me Bill.” Though he knows his time is short, Shatner made the documentary for his grandkids to see when he’s gone.

He believes his time on earth is short and stressed the importance of leaving a legacy for his loved ones. Shatner’s three ex-wives have given him five grandkids, all of whom he adores.

Premiering at the SXSW Film Festival in Texas is Alexandre O. Philippe’s documentary. Leslie, Lisabeth, and Melanie Shatner are all included in the film as well. In 2014, Shatner told The Guardian that becoming a grandfather was the greatest delight of his life.

He claims that he always makes time to sit down and have meaningful conversations with his fans, giving them hugs and kisses and imparting some of the wisdom he has gained over the years.

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