The Cutest Ever Kitten Fell in Love With A Golden Retriever the Moment She Saw It

The bond between a dog and a cat is probably not surprising to anyone. Here’s a funny video showing how these two different but equally lovable four-legged friends get along.

Another thing that happens occasionally is the bond between a domestic animal and a wild one. In this case, we’ll tell you about Timmy and Sniffer, a dog and a fox who grew close and became inseparable.

Thor Gearga, a Norwegian photographer, has a dog named Timmy They are homeless on the edge of the forest and enjoy taking walks with their pet. One day, a fox cub joined them for a walk.

He began playing with Timmy and then followed the dog. Unbelievably, this was the start of a wonderful friendship. The little fox started going to the photographer’s house on a regular basis to play with

Tinny, and soon afterwards, Virgo gave him the nickname “sniffer.” Normally, a dog and a fox would have become enemies, but Virgo was happy to witness such a unique bond.

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